I moved to California’s Central Valley at the beginning of 2004. The last time I saw a game at Kauffman Stadium was during the 2003 season. That will change in July as I have my plane tickets purchased for a week long visit back to Kansas City. It is my twentieth high school reunion. At some point during conversation, I may draw an analogy between the plight of the Royals and my own 15-year marriage.

Having said that, the Royals had a “winning half-inning!” That is, each 9 game chunk can represent a half-inning of a 9-inning game: 162/9=18. Math! And in their last 9, the Royals went 5-4!

Royals hitters, April 26, 2012 to May 6, 2012, sorted by plate appearances:

Gordon 40 0.400 0.475 0.629 1.104
Butler 39 0.306 0.359 0.472 0.831
Hosmer 38 0.108 0.132 0.189 0.321
Moustakas 36 0.333 0.389 0.606 0.995
Dyson 35 0.303 0.314 0.364 0.678
Francoeur 33 0.300 0.364 0.433 0.797
Escobar 29 0.207 0.207 0.310 0.517
Getz 22 0.211 0.318 0.368 0.687
Pena 20 0.211 0.250 0.263 0.513
Quintero 14 0.071 0.071 0.286 0.357
Betancourt 14 0.154 0.214 0.308 0.522
Maier 8 0.000 0.250 0.000 0.250

I guess the good news is that Alex Gordon has more than turned the corner. Also, Mike Moustakas is more than for real. I think he should be getting more plate appearances while he has the hot hand. I understand Eric Hosmer is the golden child and all that, but would it really cause such a rift in the time-space continuum to switch Hosmer and Moustakas in the lineup?

For their careers:

Hosmer 682 0.274 0.321 0.448 0.770
Moustakas 469 0.273 0.321 0.404 0.725

I guess the answer is that maybe Moose can hit fifth if Frenchy is not playing.

Additionally, I thought Mitch Maier and Jason Bourgeois could be a competent platoon at any OF position. But with Lorenzo Cain out for an extended period, the Royals brought up Jerrod Dyson and sent down Bourgeois. Dyson’s hitting .300, but it is an empty .300. The Royals are using their entire 40-man roster and that’s fine, but I think Ned is trying too hard. I wonder what the Royals would do if they absolutely had to win one game.

I do not have a problem with Ned Yost as a manager because I think he is a leader of men. I think he sets clear expectations and then gives players the opportunity to succeed. When the players do not succeed, they are replaced. Ultimately, I am not worried about his lineups or the decisions he makes in-game. I do not think the 12-game losing streak was Ned’s fault. I think that almost any manager is going to make the same kinds of in-game decisions that will have many fans scratching their heads. I think it comes down to the talent.

Most of that is trivial because the team still allowed a run more per game than they scored. The team scored 36 runs in their last 9 and allowed 46–19 in the two starts by Luke Hochevar and 13 in two starts by Bruce Chen. Chen gets a pass, but Hochevar’s struggles are becoming worrisome. I expected Hochevar was going to be a solid contributor to this rotation. It looks like I must adjust that expectation. I will not be surprised if Luke Hochevar is no longer a member of the Royals at the end of the season. I do not think they place him on waivers. I think he might bring the same haul in trade as a Mike Aviles or Wilson Betemit.