We are through four and a half innings of the Royals 2012 season. They have only outscored their opponents in three of those nine half-innings. They are not ready for prime time. However, I am still high on the Royals. I am still high on their talent. I misjudged their chances this season, but they are dynamic and young. They will get better.

The 2012 Royals season over the first 9 9-game stretches, with won-loss record, runs scored average, and runs allowed average.

Inning W-L RSA RAA
Top of the First 3-6 4.3 5.4
Bottom of the First 1-8 3.2 4.2
Top of the Second 5-4 4.0 5.1
Bottom of the Second 6-3 4.7 3.7
Top of the Third 3-6 3.4 4.2
Bottom of the Third 6-3 4.2 3.8
Top of the Fourth 4-5 3.2 3.9
Bottom of the Fourth 5-4 5.1 5.0
Top of the Fifth 4-5 4.9 5.3